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At Wakefield School Sports Network we love nothing more than creating young sports coaches of the future. Gaining that experience of what it is like to stand in front of 30 children all with different needs and abilities is priceless. A number of our work experience students have not only gone on to college and university with this amazing experience but a number have returned working on sports camp, managing sports days and coaching and running successful after-school clubs. Here is a letter of thanks from a student who recently joined us.

Steve Biltcliffe

Wakefield School Sport Network                                           


Dear Steve,

I am writing to you to thank you for the work experience I had with yourself and your company. I really enjoyed the time I spent teaching with you and would like to express my thanks in this letter.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for making me feel very welcome from the very first time of meeting you. I felt part of the company straight away, as you kindly give me some of your company clothing to wear to represent the company. I feel this was a great gesture and made the whole experience more realistic for me as it was like I actually worked for you. I felt like I fitted in straight away and all the other staff made me feel comfortable, asking about my background and also giving me advice and tips for teaching some of the more difficult classes. This helped me out a lot as I then had a rough understanding of what to expect instead of jumping straight into the unknown.

Secondly, I would like to say that the schools were great that we attending through the 2 weeks of my placement. They had great kids who listened and did what they were told on mostly the first time of asking. Although there were some difficult children, you helped me and give me tips on how to keep them interested on the activity and taught me new ways of teaching kids who have trouble listening, i.e. splitting them into groups for example.

I feel like I didn’t just learn about the job role, teaching and coaching in different primary schools around Wakefield. I felt like I have gained a wider knowledge of the business side of the company, as I saw you going through invoices for example. This showed me that there is more to the company than just going around schools delivering PE lessons. And that a lot of hard work and time is needed to make the business as successful as it can be. I feel like I have met all of the targets I set out to achieve through this work, which were to gain confidence and a better knowledge of the job. I have met these, in fact I have exceeded my own expectations, this is great because it means that the work experience opportunity was well worth it and I put maximal effort in and then gained the qualities from the hard work.

Finally, I would just like to reiterate on my gratefulness, as this experience has given me a more clear idea on what career path is for me. It has given me a great perspective on the job and what it entails. I would love to work with you in the future and I hope the sports days we are doing go very well, thanks again for the time you put in and for the whole opportunity.

Many Thanks


Student in his 1st Year at Pontefract New College

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