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A network of schools working together to provide sports opportunities for pupils across Wakefield through quality teaching, coaching and PE Co-ordination   


Inspired by the Val Sabin SOW I have taken the framework and introduced my own additions and twists.
There are more examples of lesson plans and full schemes of work available by following the link to our New PE Lesson Plans page.
Foundation Stage
Introduce the fundamentals of gymnastics movements and having fun. Each SOW is between 6 to 8 weeks long.
Download Introduction lesson plan here
Download Traveling lesson plan here
Year 1
Developing pupils fundamental movement to include balance and flight. Again each scheme of work is between 6 and 8 weeks long.
Download Flight lesson plan here
Download Points and Patches lesson plan here
Download Wide, narrow and curled lesson plan
Year 2
Continuing to develop those fundamental movement skills with sequence building. Again schemes of work are between 6 and 8 weeks long.
Download turning, spinning and twisting lesson plan
Download Pathways lesson plan here
Year 3
Continuing to develop movement skills with holds and balances. This scheme of work is 6 weeks long.
Download Stretching, curling and arching lesson plan here
Year 6
Working with a partner to create sequences using elements of travel, balances and links.
Download Matching and Mirroring lesson plan
Year 4
Extended limits, tension in muscles and a strong base of support are the key factors in a well performed balance. This scheme of week is 8 weeks long
Download Balance lesson plan here
Year 5
Developing sequences to include more complex flight, taking weight on hands and creating strong bridges to work with a partner. Each scheme of work is between 6 and 8 weeks long.
Download Flight lesson plan here
Download Bridges lesson plan hare

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