WSSN Wakefield School Sports Network 

A network of schools working together to provide sports opportunities for pupils across Wakefield through quality teaching, coaching and PE Co-ordination   


Here is a range of schemes of work that Wakefield School Sports Network have delivered over the last few years. If any of these schemes interest your school or you would like to discuss other PE schemes please click on the Contact us button to the left for your screen and send us an email

Upper Foundation


Fondamental Movement Skills (FMS)




Key Stage 1


Six to seven weeks blocks of work using both floor and apparatus, focusing on:



Turning, spinning and twisting


Continuing the focus on fundamental movement skills to include




Outdoor and Adventurous

Exciting team games and challenges focusing on trust, communicaton and co-operation skills. Activities include river crossing, nightline, elephant racing and the 'Grufflo' adventure trail. All great fun.

Key Stage 2


Running - Sprint, hurdles, relay and distance

Jumping - long and high jumps

Throwing - javelin, discus, shot and hammer

Six to seven weeks block of work focusing on key skills and techniques ending with a mini sports morning


Seven to eight week block of work teaching and developing pupils skills including

Footwork, passing, dribbling, shooting, team work, attacking and defending.


An eight week scheme of work developing pupils ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting and team working skills


With a focus on sequencing, pupils continue to develop their gymnastic skills with themes on

Balance, curing, stretching and arching, flight, pathways, Bridges and Matching and Mirroring


A newly envolving sport in Britain, handball develops throwing and catching skills whilst attaching and defending. Great fun.

Invasion Games

Six week block of work including a of different invasion games using a range of equipment. Skills focus on:

Attack and defence

Keeping possession

Finding the free player

Tactical positioning and play

Outdoor and Adventurous

Team building skills - trust, communication, co-operation

Orienteering skills - compass directions, map reading

Problem solving - individual and team challenges

Six to eight weeks block of work focusing on working as a team ending with an orienteering challenge

SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness)

Five to six week block of work focusing on basic movement skills in different sports

Striking and Fielding

A six week block of work focusing on either kwik cricket or rounders including:

Throwing and catching

Bowling and batting


Outwitting an opponent.

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