WSSN Wakefield School Sports Network 

A network of schools working together to provide sports opportunities for pupils across Wakefield through quality teaching, coaching and PE Co-ordination   

Year 4 at Wakefield School Sports Network

Follow the excitement of our first year of starting a business then the second and third years of growing that business now come the difficult part of developing and improving that business into a top quality product that deliver excellent teaching and coaching opportunities for children and the schools they attend.

Now into our fourth year Wakefield School Sports Network has developed and grown into a company that delivers high quality PE and school sports teaching and coaching across fifteen schools around Wakefield and beyond. We currently have twelve members of the team including specialist dance and gymnastic teachers, degree level and highly qualified sports coaches, part-time University students and newly qualified coaches developing their skills. All are keen to gain and develop their experience of teaching and coaching in school environments.

Although I’m still heavy involved in the teaching and delivery of our schemes of work, which are not only been used locally, but now nationally and internationally, I now have a little time to visit my coaches, supporting and helping them to develop skills in such area as classroom management, lesson structure and deliver.

As always we try to continue to develop and meet schools’ changing demands including a more multi-skills based curriculum, alternative sports after-school clubs, PPA sports coaching cover and specialist days such as healthy schools, team building and sports days.

New for this year is PE co-ordinator support, helping that person in your school to understand and develop the new PE curriculum, meet the OFSTED criteria for their sports funding and raise PE so it at the heart of their school.

Again this year is going to be busy as we try to develop more schemes of work, more competitions more networking and most of all get more young people involved in sport.

Happy days

Steve Biltcliffe

Director of Wakefield School Sports Network

07908 683221

[email protected]